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Stay Connected | Corporate Workshops

Are you and your company leveraging all that networking potential has to offer?

At JuMar Services, we offer customized, onsite corporate workshops for both small and large groups. These corporate workshops explore networking strategies and tips designed to guide both beginners and experienced professionals uncover tips for networking “smart” to maintain a competitive business edge.

We offer interactive workshops designed to pique audience curiosity and inspire action.  Workshops are customized for your audience and share real world business examples of how networking can be a powerful tool.  Don’t waste another day letting missed opportunities pass you by.  Contact JuMar Services for more information about our corporate programs, customized topics, and networking workshops to help you and your employees drive optimal results!

Our corporate workshops range from one hour “lunch & learn” presentations to 1/2 day and full day programs based on your immediate business needs.  Each workshop is designed to pique curiosity and empower employees with insightful strategies and best practices. 

Workshop Topics:

Naked Networking

Networking is a life skill with unlimited possibilities but are you maximizing your potential or missing opportunities to engage effectively with others? Welcome to Naked Networking, a bare all approach to networking smarter. Today’s competitive marketplace demands results and a powerful circle of influence can help you get where you want to go. When you build (and maintain) effective professional networks, you gain the freedom to experience new breakthroughs which can lead you to people, opportunity and profit. If you’re ready to gather insights and simple tips for how to make the most of your network – plus have some fun along the way when you participate in live audience polls throughout the keynote – you’ll learn how naked networking strategies can give you the tools you need to drive desired results!

Audience Benefits

• Discover how Naked Moments can change the way you perceive networking
• Learn a powerful 3-step networking strategy
• Explore ways to push past FEAR and connect with confidence

Maintain Your Competitive Edge | LinkedIn Profile “Must-Haves”

Today’s competitive business demands results and a powerful circle of influence can help you get there but are you maximizing your “Digital Asset” on the #1 social media networking tool for professionals – LinkedIn?  This workshop helps both companies and individuals learn more about how to create a powerful LinkedIn profile.  Learn 10 tips to help pique curiosity and inspire others to read your profile and learn more.  Gain insights about social media networking strategies as well as ways to develop mutually beneficial relationships online.  Audiences will learn how to leverage the power of connection to build powerful networks, overcome fear, and apply a simple three-step approach to authentically connect with others.  Although general networking concepts haven’t changed since the beginning of time, the tools have evolved.  This workshop invites audiences to learn new strategies, consider the possibilities of calculated risks, and have some fun along the way in this interactive and energetic session.   Are you ready to learn tips that will lead you to People, Opportunity, and Profit?

Audience Benefits

  • Hear Top LinkedIn profile “Must-Haves”
  • Learn a Powerful 3-Step Networking Strategy
  • Explore Social Media Networking Tips to maximize how you leverage LinkedIn

Shift Into Gear | Own Your Career Success

What does it take to make a successful career transition in today’s business world? Are you equipped with the knowledge to stand out in a sea of job candidates? What are hiring authorities really look for when hiring or promoting talent from within? Explore answers to these questions and more when adopting a career ownership mindset. Learn secrets from a former recruiter who helped place thousands of professionals across multiple industries acrpss the country. Make your PASSION your CAREER and ignite your spark! Whether you seek a new career or you want to make the most of the job you already have – an ownership mindset can help you “shift into gear” and take charge of your career!

Audience Benefits

• Discover how to adopt a career ownership mindset

• Learn 3 strategies for creating a career “plan of action”

• Explore new tools & tips to equip others for career success

The Power of a “Connected” Woman

No one ever said networking would be easy but it’s CRUCIAL for business success so why do women tend to statistically have smaller networks and fewer ties outside of their workplace than men? A connected woman can be a powerful woman – one who knows the benefits of developing mutually beneficial relationships. Discover the perks of a powerful network while you enjoy, learn, and explore strategies from a seasoned network expert who was once held captive by her own fear of networking. Audiences will delve into how to be a contribution to others and laugh along the way as they hear stories and real world business examples that will inspire them and pique their curiosity to connect and grow professional networks with confidence!

Audience Benefits

• Learn a 3-step networking strategy
• Explore 5 ways to overcome networking obstacles
• Discover how to push past fear and connect with confidence

Networking Secrets for Sales Professionals

You probably already know the importance of networking but are you maximizing your connection potential to drive optimal business results? Competitive business in today’s digital age demands results and one of the best ways to reach your sales potential is to build and maintain powerful networks. Learn how your circle of influence can lead you to success. Learn how to keep your network A.L.I.V.E. (Active, Lucrative, Informed, Viral, and Engaged). This informative keynote, designed especially for sales professionals, will help participants gain insights about traditional and social media networking strategies for developing mutually beneficial business relationships. Audiences learn how to leverage the power of connection to build powerful networks, overcome fear, and apply a simple three-step approach to authentically connect with clients, peers, vendors, managers and others. Are you ready to shift perspective and learn tips that will lead you to People, Opportunity, and Profit?

Audience Benefits

• Discover Tips for Shifting Perspective to Shift Outcomes
• Learn a Powerful 3-Step Networking Strategy
• Explore the A.L.I.V.E. Approach to Boost Sales and Build Powerful Connections
• Leverage FEAR as a Motivator to Connect with Confidence

Video Testimonials 2016Curious to hear what audiences are saying after they attend one of Kari Mirabal’s workshops?  Watch Kari Mirabal’s Client Testimonials Video to learn more.

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