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LinkedIn Workshops

Are you and your company leveraging LinkedIn’s full potential?

At JuMar Services, our customized, onsite corporate workshops offer small and large groups the opportunity to take a “behind the scenes” look at LinkedIn.  Whether you’re interested in utilizing LinkedIn to expand brand awareness, find a new job, recruit top talent, share industry knowledge, research specific topics, search for warm sales leads or learn insights on how to create a powerful and professional profile, the right coach partnered with the #1 social media networking site for professionals can help you achieve your goals.

Our corporate workshops range from “lunch & learn” programs to 1/2 day and full day presentations based on your immediate business needs.  Each workshop is designed to pique curiosity and empower your employees with insightful strategies and best practices. Our workshops are interactive and include real world business examples of how to use LinkedIn to gain powerful network connections.  We even share tips for how to get the most out of your networking in less than 15 minutes per day.  

Contact Kari Mirabal for more information regarding customized corporate workshops.  

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