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Need Help With Your Career Strategy?

Kari 2014 Prof Pics 014What is your career passion? Do you know the correct path to realize it? For over decade, Kari Mirabal, founder and lead “Sherpa” for JuMar, an executive career coaching and out-placement consultancy, has been guiding clients to new heights in realizing their career passion by navigating unconventional paths through the unpublished job market. Kari doesn’t just “lead the way”, she empowers her clients through customized coaching and skill development designed to create opportunities missed by most.

As you explore and consider new career possibilities through a partnership with JuMar, you will receive coaching to help prepare you for your job search.  We will help you with proven strategies and equip you with resources to tap into the unpublished job market.

At JuMar, we offer a variety of services for everyone. Our services help career seekers:

  • Change or advance career
  • Promote yourself in today’s competitive (and social) career market
  • View change as an opportunity and take calculated risks to try new strategies
  • Create (or edit) a professional LinkedIn profile
  • Build resumes and cover letters that peak hiring manager’s attention
  • Learn interview tips that set you apart from the competition
  • Prepare, Connect, and Strengthen professional networks
  • Take charge of your career

Contact us today to learn about our services.  The future is yours – Make your PASSION your CAREER